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The Knauf Group

Knauf GroupKnauf, a family name, and a corporate group of global dimensions. At the same time synonymous with a type of corporate culture which has become rare. Knauf is a typical family firm in spite of its size and this is precisely the reason for its amazing success. It is the short and direct decision-making paths, the courage to tackle new ideas, innovations, investments and the wealth of ideas contributed by all Knauf employees that characterises the company.
Knauf was founded in 1932 by the brothers Karl and Dr. Alfons N. Knauf. Today their sons, managing partners Baldwin and Nikolaus Knauf, steer the success of the corporations' numerous enterprises in close co-ordination with the other family members.

From its beginnings in gypsum processing along the Saar and Main rivers, Knauf has expanded and diversified to become a corporation with worldwide activities, delivering products and services in the following fields: 

  • Building materials and systems based on gypsum and gypsum-related products.
  • Thermal insulation and sound insulation materials.
  • Limestone and lime products.
  • Chalk and cement related products
  • Plant engineering

For further information on the Knauf Group worldwide visit knauf.com

Besides Knauf Insulation, Knauf also operates Knauf Plasterboard in Singapore:

  • Knauf Gypsum - Gypsum Plasterboard & Drylining Systems.
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Knauf Insulation Plant MapKnauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation represents one of the most respected and progressive names in Australian building products.

Formed in 1946 as Fibreglass Insulation it has been previously known as Pilkington Insulation and Owens Corning before the involvement of Knauf with KnaufAlcopor before finally becoming known as Knauf Insulation.

Knauf Insulation is active in more than 35 countries with 30 manufacturing plants and over 5000 employees across the globe. The company, which is part of the German family-owned Knauf Group, continues its strong and steady operational and financial growth, having achieved a turnover well in excess of €1 billion in 2010.

The Knauf Insulation business in Singapore supplies a wide range of glasswool for walls, ceilings, underfloors, HVAC and XPS products along with design services for any building project. With state of the art proprietary technology, we produce insulation of the very highest quality and aim to provide customer service to continually enhance industry standards.

Recognising that Singapore has unique climatic conditions and therefore specific insulation requirements, Knauf Insulation provides a range of products to suit local construction methods and proven solutions to provide comfort and energy efficiency in buildings. Long term, equal value partnerships with our customers are an important part of our approach. With continual advancements in regulations for energy efficiency, acoustic performance, fire resistance and sustainable building materials, we are constantly enhancing our product range.

Once you do business with Knauf Insulation, you’ll recognise the difference.

Quality Assurance

Standard Certififcate No.
ISO9001:2008 Quality BE001519-7
ISO14001:2004 Environmental BE005999-7
OHSAS 18001:2007 Health & Safety BE006000-7
EN 16001:2009 Energy BE001520-7
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For further information on Knauf Insulation worldwide, please visit http://www.knaufinsulation.com (will open in a new window).