Knauf Insulation continues to raise the green standards in their products

News posted on 17.03.2015 on Insulation and Products


17 March 2015

Knauf Insulation continues to raise the green standards in their products Knauf Insulation is helping to build a greener, sustainable Singapore thanks to recent product certification from the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) for their range of Earthwool OmniFit insulation.

he SGBC Certification Scheme recognises products that are safer, resource-efficient, and highly sustainable in the building and construction industry and now includes all the products in the Earthwool OmniFit range, which have a ‘very good‘ rating.

“We are in the business of sustainability and achieving the very good standard from the Singapore Green Building Council is testament to our dedication to developing sustainable products. We are delighted to receive the two tick certification, which also gives our customers confidence they are using an approved, sustainable product,” said Claire Cunliffe, Knauf Insulation Marketing Manager.

“At Knauf Insulation we are constantly researching innovative ways to enhance energy efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment and we believe our Earthwool OmniFit insulation signifies this,” she added. Knauf Insulation is committed to the green building cause, aligning strongly with the values and commitments of the SGBC.

This is apparent in Knauf Insulation’s new generation of softer, more environmentally friendly, non-combustible, Earthwool OmniFit insulation that has been developed using the patented ECOSE® Technology. ECOSE Technology reduces binder embodied energy, and delivers a superior and environmentally sustainable glasswool product. It is based on rapidly-renewable materials instead of petro-based chemicals and contains no added formaldehyde. Furthermore, Earthwool OmniFit insulation is made using recycled glass bottles and no added dyes, bleaches or artificial colours, the brown colour is completely natural.

Increasing the environmental credentials of this insulation range and allowing it to be of high sustainable credibility in the SGBC Certification Scheme, is its ability to be highly compressionable for packaging purposes, allowing for more product per pack and in turn more product per transportation and delivery.

Knauf Insulation represents one of the most respected and progressive names in insulation manufacture and understands the importance of providing increasingly sustainable and environmentally enhanced insulation products such as Earthwool OmniFit insulation.