Urbanscape Green Roll Standard

Urbanscape Green Roll Standard

Urbanscape Green Roll is a lightweight green roof substrate made of long rock mineral wool fibres specially needled to form a compact and dimensionally stable felt. Product is made solely of virgin rock mineral fibres. Urbanscape Green Roll ensures excellent water retention and conservation in green roofs and is a good growing medium made from various mineral mixtures.

Urbanscape Green Roll has super absorbent particles dispersed into the rock mineral wool felt. This makes the product the most suitable for growing plants as rock mineral felt absorbs the water through capillary action. Particles provide additional water storage, releasing it when required. Super absorbent particles also protect the water from evaporating and leaching when temperatures are high. In accordance with FLL Guidelines for the Planning, Execution and Upkeep of Green-Roof Sites where applicable.

Density (kg/m3) Thickness (mm) Length (m) Width (mm) Area per pack (m²) Rolls per pack
130 25 5000 1000 6 1


  • Roll out Urbanscape Green Roll crosswise on top of the drainage panels/rolls.
  • You might create a non-covered area of 20 cm from the edge of the roof. This area will be used as a gravel area. Install Urbanscape Green Roll tightly side by side.
  • If necessary Urbanscape Green Roll can be cut to the right size (scissors preferable).