Global Sustainability

A Major Challenge

Climate Change

Climate changeOur climate is changing.  To slow the current rate of global warming, we need to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. In Australia, 40% of our energy use is consumed in buildings. This is more than the energy used by industry or transport. One of the easiest and most important ways we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions is through insulating our buildings.

113 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions could be prevented from reaching the atmosphere every year by buildings with better levels of insulation.

An efficient economy

An efficient economy
Environmental goals are not the only thing that greater energy efficiency can achieve. Every year, Australians burn thousands in heating and cooling their buildings.

Australians waste thousands of dollars every year on energy inefficient buildings. As much as half of all of the energy used by buildings in Australia could be saved through simple measures like insulation.


Energy security

Energy securityImproved energy efficiency will also help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Oil and gas supplies are shrinking fast. It’s time we stopped wasting such precious resources on inefficient buildings. 8 hundred thousand barrels of oil, or its equivalent, could be saved through greater energy efficiency in buildings.



EmploymentWorking to improve levels of energy efficiency in buildings can create thousands of green collar jobs.  Ambitious strategies to improve energy efficiency in local communities will result in the creation of local jobs, which will in turn support the local economy.