Insulating Australia's Most Isolated Town‏

At Knauf Insulation we have a track record of rolling up our sleeves and helping local communities realise the benefits of insulation. The Birdsville project above is one of our proudest moments.

In January this year, temperatures in Birdsville, one of Australia's hottest and most isolated towns, reached 49 degrees. Thongs melted into the road outside the famous Birdsville pub and weathermen were forced to invent a new colour for the temperature charts. During winter however, the town can reach below zero degrees at night. What better way to show Australia just how safe, easy and effective using the right kind of insulation can be?

So in August this year knauf insulation took enough Earthwool® insulation to cover a footy field and trucked it 1500km from Brisbane to Birdsville and insulated every home, business and community building, for free.

Australia's most isolated town is now officially the most insulated.

This is a video about the people, the place and the journey we went through to insulate the town.