Mission and Vision

Tony Robson - Group CEOThe pace of change in our industry continues to accelerate.  As a company that believes at its core in the need to save energy, wherever this change is taking place, it is key that Knauf Insulation plays a role in helping to deliver a better outcome. Not only developing better products and solutions that help deliver low energy buildings but also organizing ourselves in such a way that we are better able to support all of our partners.

And as I look at what we are doing I am proud of what I see; world-over we are getting stuck into renovation projects, showing that it’s easy and cost-effective to insulate. In the US and the UK, we are piloting one-stop shops for energy efficiency retrofits, where we are moving out of our comfort zone to help keep our customers in theirs. And beyond this we are developing new solutions to help with these new challenges and pionneering new tools to help our customers and ourselves to better understand the environmental impact of our products and solutions.

From governments who develop the regulations to contractors that have to implement them on the ground and through architects and others that have to understand how to design buildings, we are here to help“.

Tony Robson
Group CEO