It Drives Our Business

Energy has become one of the defining issues of the 21st century. Greenhouse gas emissions from energy use are causing global warming and climate change. Global energy consumption, combined with the tightening of supplies of gas and oil, are leading to rising energy prices.

Knauf Insulation is in a strong position to have a positive impact on these global issues through both our product range and our approach. Our range of insulation offers the easiest and most cost effective method of saving energy in buildings.


Global sustainability – a major challenge

Global sustainability – a major challengeWe need to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Burning millions heating and cooling buildings is simply a waste. Oil and gas supplies are shrinking. Delivering high quality jobs is a major task for all economies.
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Buildings play a critical role

Buildings play a critical role40% is the amount of Australia’s total energy consumption that is used by buildings. Half of this energy use could be saved through simple measures such as insulation.
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Knauf Insulation's Sustainability Report

Knauf Insulation's Sustainability ReportKnauf Insulation published its first Group Sustainability Report in 2010 and highlights steps taken to improve the sustainability of our company. Take a look at why Insulation Matters in our current Sustainability Report.
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